Work Spaces

Setting the right tone of each meeting can be crucial in growing your business. To create the right ambience, Royal Suites Serviced Offices offers you several options:

Our Royal Board Room offers residents a formal setting that exudes professionalism. Our brainstorming walls help organize vast chains of thoughts, as you piece together your winning strategy.

Sparks for ingenious ideas often result from intense yet fun discussions between team members. Our Royal Meeting Room is set to be vibrant and yet private, so as to encourage a nurturing environment for idea generation.

Ideas and solutions are not only found in a deliberate setting. Rest and refreshments are sometimes necessary to fuel that search. The Royal Café has been designed to offer residents a watering hole to rest, gather their thoughts, or to meet in a relaxed environment, encouraging social interactions and collaborations.

Energizing Points are scattered throughout the premises in convenient places for residents to meet for a short exchange, or simply for a small change of environment, allowing one’s thoughts to flow.

At Royal Suites Serviced Offices, we also offer our workspaces for off-site meetings, trainings, and events, believing that with our environment, you will be better able to propel your business.

Royal Board Room

  • Sits 10 people
  • 56” LCD TV
  • State of the art digital telephony systems
  • Brain storming glass walls
  • Projector
  • High speed fiber optic LAN and WiFi
  • Excellent place for trainings
  • Ideal for off-site meetings

royal boardroom

Royal Meeting Room

royal meeting room

  • Sits 4–5 people
  • State of the art digital telephony systems
  • Vibrant yet private design
  • Engaging environment for meetings
  • High speed fiber optic LAN and WiFi
  • Perfect setting for interviews

Royal Café

  • Complimentary range of coffee and tea
  • Complimentary cold and hot water
  • Stocked refrigerator with drinks and snacks
  • Enhancing off-site gatherings

royal cafe

Energizing Points

energizing points

  • Conveniently located
  • Each point is uniquely designed
  • High speed fiber optic WiFi

Off-site Meetings and Events Spaces

  • 1200 sqft of open space available
  • High speed LAN and WiFi
  • Numerous chairs and tables available
  • Projector available
  • Privacy booths available
  • Gaming stations available

energizing points